Tami Shaikh

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I want to talk about what it means to "love yourself". We are surrounded by quotes, talk shows, books, motivational speakers etc. that constantly tell us that the answer to all the worries in life is to "love yourself". But we aren't told what it exactly means or taught how to do it.
For me, I had to learn it the hard way. I have always been a person who knew what I wanted- a strong intuition that I followed. But I trusted others' opinion more than my own. Then when things went wrong, I started the self-hate cycle of putting myself down and then feeling lesser and unworthy. When one day I happened to read Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist". In that book, I realized that the treasure of my soul was dug deep within, and it's right inside of me. I can look for that treasure elsewhere: in beautiful things, jewelry, friends,other people- but I had to look within and try to seek the beautiful creature that I was. I made a list of things that I liked about myself- a nice smile, a sense of humor and a kind heart. That is all I could think of.

I decided then that I would embark on this journey of self-love  and help others along the way.  Believe me when I say; it was one of the hardest things to do. I realized that we very easily find flaws in ourselves but very rarely do we see the beauty or "treasures" that lie within. To love yourself came more as a reality check for me. I was complete, crazy, complicated yet beautifully perfect!!! 

So join me today  in a 30 Day Challenge to begin the journey of self-love

During these 30 days you will get:

  • Daily affirmations sent  to you via text or email
  • Every night you will get a theme that you will have to try to incorporate in your life the following day. 
  • A  30 min call before the 30 days start
  • A  30 min call after 2 weeks 
  • A  30 min call at the end of the 30 days
  • Unlimited access to me through email and or text
  • A weekly progress report template that you will have to fill out so we can assess how your journey is going
  • Inspirational articles, videos and stories will be shared