Tami Shaikh

Now available- 30 Day Detox Program!

Inner peace is finally within reach with Tami Shaikh’s groundbreaking new program, Detox Your Soul. Join this  60 Day program that works in alignment with the book "Detox your Soul- A 30 Day Roadmap to Loving Yourself"

Do you often find yourself wishing to rid yourself of all the negative, harmful influences that often make life so difficult? Look no further than this new thirty-day program that helps you cleanse away your spiritual, mental, and emotional toxins and remove these relentless daily obstacles once and for all.

Beginning with day one, you’ll learn how to face your inner demons and build up your self-esteem. The strategies are designed to be incorporated into your daily life—no drastic changes to your routine are needed! Waking up just ten minutes earlier and going to bed just ten minutes later each day gives you all the time you need to see—and feel—a difference!!

During the 30 Day program you will get

  • Daily  activities, strategies and exercises to do throughout the day to detox your soul.
  • A 15 min. phone consultation with me once a week.
  • Daily inspirational quotes, meditations or videos.
  • Constant access to Tami through email with a guaranteed reply within hours.
  • A 30 min consultation at the beginning of the detox course.