Tami Shaikh

Newsletter #1 


So yes, just like you, I hate newsletters! I hate subscribing to them, reading them and buying the stuff they are trying to sell at the bottom.

When I decided to reach out to you, I decided not to write a "newsletter" but instead a "Soul Connection" to the people who have supported  me through my journey. 

Today, I want to talk about following my dreams. I used to dislike people who believed and, somehow, were sure that their dreams will come true. It sounds weird, but I disliked them because I didn't have the courage to go after mine; instead, I judged others who did. 

And then...life happened, and the only thing left that I could do was to write. It gave me joy, kept me sane and taught me that I, too, could follow my dreams. It was such a scary thought that I could open my heart to the world without being judged. And then the Universe conspired, and I met the amazing Arianna Huffington who gave me a chance to write for the Huffington Post back in May 2014. Three years fast forward, and I have published 3 books and written numerous articles. I am not trying to be a show off, but to tell you that- follow your dreams because they do become reality. Sometimes it can take longer than expected, but they eventually do.

Today, remember to go after that hidden dream that lies deep within you. Don't worry about the world judging you because we all dream.  And when you follow your dreams, you allow others around you to do the same!!

Newsletter #2


I hope you are enjoying the summer and staying cool. 

Today I want to talk about what it means to "love yourself". We are surrounded by quotes, talk shows, books, motivational speakers etc. that constantly tell us that the answer to all the worries in life is to "love yourself". But we aren't told what it exactly means or taught how to do it.
For me, I had to learn it the hard way. I have always been a person who knew what I wanted- a strong intuition that I followed. But I trusted others' opinion more than my own. Then when things went wrong, I started the self-hate cycle of putting myself down and then feeling lesser and unworthy. When one day I happened to read Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist". In that book, I realized that the treasure of my soul was dug deep within, and it's right inside of me. I can look for that treasure elsewhere: in beautiful things, jewelry, friends,other people- but I had to look within and try to seek the beautiful creature that I was. I made a list of things that I liked about myself- a nice smile, a sense of humor and a kind heart. That is all I could think of. I decided that everyday for 30 days, I would write down one good quality about myself. Believe me when I say; it was one of the hardest things to do. I realized that we very easily find flaws in ourselves but very rarely do we see the beauty or "treasures" that lie within. To love yourself came more as a reality check for me. I was complete, crazy, complicated yet beautifully perfect!!! When I struggle with self doubt, I go back to naming the qualities I see in myself. 

So today, I urge you to look within and find the hidden gems that are hiding beneath the daily stress of everyday life. Remember that loving yourself is a journey in itself, and to live life to its fullest, we need to jump aboard and just love, love and love....